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  1. Dear Keith

    We met this morning (30/8) in Cromer church. I don’t suppose you will be home for a few days yet. Like your website. I was at sea for 40 years as a Radio Officer and latterly ETO, and my partner Mike is still sailing as an AB with Hansons dredgers. It’s he who wants to make a model of one of the Doxford crane engines. He’s home next week and will have questions for you.

    Best regards
    Rose King

  2. Good morning,
    I am the Treasurer and Membership Secretary of a relatively new organisation called “Maritime History North”. We are running our first Seminar in Newcastle on 4 November, entitled “Maritime Tyneside – A Legacy of Marine Innovation”. Our speakers include Prof Eric Grove, Prof Iain Moffat, Mr John Clayson (of the Discovery Museum in Newcastle which is the location for the seminar), Dr Adrian Osler, Dr Scott Lindgren and Dr Ian Buxton.

    I would be delighted to email you further information, including ticket application forms etc, if you think any of your members may be interested? We are restricted to 40 in attendance and my cut off date for applications is 20th October. (a Discovery Museum requirement).
    I do hope to hear from you soon – my email is as above or my mobile is 07907 060554.

    Many thanks

    Alison A Telfer RD

  3. I am a researcher for Trinity House Newcastle and I would dearly love to get in touch with the Tyne Area Shipping Club. How can I do this? When I try to send a message on the Contacts page I am asked for a Username and Password which of course I have not got! How can one get through this barrier?

    Best wishes,
    Joan Williams

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