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When I saw this, it reminded me of a seminar I attended in the mid-nineties. I was a consulting marine engineer – however many of the attendees were master mariners and mates.  The seminar centred on the very high level of maritime insurance claims and reviewed research carried out at the time that suggested some 78% of all major maritime insurance claims could be attributed to human error. During one session of the seminar dealing with the subject of collisions – I dared to ask the question, half-jokingly ‘With such a high incidence of human error, why not simply remove all personnel from the ships and operate them remotely’? – There followed loud guffaws of laughter in the room.  It seems that the same may not be quite the case tomorrow? – JKA chair/webmaster

Rolls-Royce: Transforming future marine operations

“We are pushing the boundaries of ship technology by harnessing the power of data in order to deliver through life asset optimisation.”