Chris Goss: Falklands Life

Local Falkland’s veteran Chris Goss, gave a very interesting presentation about his war experiences on the islands

Chris was a member of 45 Commando Royal Marines during the war and has since returned to the Falklands at the invitation of the South Atlantic Medal Association, to revisit the battlefields.

Mr Goss, a retired police officer, was part of a unit that attacked Two Sisters ridge, above Port Stanley, on June 11, 1982.

He was hit by artillery shell shrapnel, an injury that saw him pensioned out of the marines. Mr Goss’s recent return trip saw him stay with a family involved in the conflict, and he was determined to repay their kindness.

His talks raise cash to help pay for relatives of islanders with serious medical conditions to accompany them to Uruguay for treatment. We thank Chris for his very informative talk, glad to have been able to contribute to this very worth-while cause and wish him well for the future.