Tyne Pilot Boat Memories

We thank  T.A.S.C. Member Tom Purvis (River Tyne Pilot Retired) for the following pictures and information.

Pilot Boat 'Caer Urfa'
 Pilot Boat ‘Caer Urfa’

Built 1957 by Millers of St. Monance. On Station from May 1957 and sold June 1986

Model made by Tom Purvis

Pilot Boat 'Protector'
                      Pilot Boat ‘Protector’

Built in 1907 by JP Rennoldson of South Shields. Destroyed by enemy mine on the 31st December 1916 with the loss of all hands – 19 Pilots and Crew.

Model made by Tom Purvis

Pilot Boat 'Queen of the May'
            Pilot Boat ‘Queen of the May’

Ex. Private Yacht of the Coates family (of cotton thread fame) Acquired in 1917 as replacement for ‘Protector’ Sent to Forth in 1940 and requisitioned by the Admiralty August 1943

Model made by Tom Purvis

Pilot Boat 'Britannia'
                   Pilot Boat ‘Britannia’

Stand-by Cutter from 1920 – 1938. Steam Drifter built 1907

Model made by Tom Purvis

Pilot Boat Rebecca
                           Pilot Boat Rebecca

(Tom Purvis’ Grandfather’s coble)  This model was whittled from a single piece of wood by J Purvis (Pilot) and dated 1910

2 thoughts on “Tyne Pilot Boat Memories

  1. Hi
    My name is Ken Nesworthy and I would like to get in touch Tom Purvis.

    My Grandfather William (Bill )Ford Nesworthy was skipper on the “Caer Urfa” during the 50s 60s and every opportunity we had my grandmother and myself would picnic at the little beach next to the Pilot Jetty and catch sprats off the jetty.
    Very often if the cutter was moored I went aboard down into the mess for a cupper.
    I would like some more information about life on the cutters if possible please.
    Kind Regards

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