‘Wooden Boats and Iron Men’

T.A.S.C. Member David Hastings

Hon. Secretary Durham Branch

Royal National Lifeboat Association

We welcome David as a new member of the Tyne Area Shipping Club and look forward to his presentation this evening which I understand will deal with the history and development  of the Lifeboat.

Modern lifeboats
A Modern lifeboat

It was a pleasure to welcome David as a new member of the Club and on the same evening to provide us all to an excellent presentation.  David is secretary of the Durham branch of the RNLI – his presentation to the Club this evening was entitled Wooden Boats and Iron Men’ – It looked back to the origins of the modern lifeboat, where the North East of England played a major part in its design and development.  Today the Association provides many new services, including flood rescue and lifeguard stations throughout the country.  An enjoyable evening by another full house!